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Year: 2019
Length: 7 minutes
Language: Bosnian
Film Category: Documentary

Cast & Credits

Director: Sajra Subašić

Screenwriter: Sajra Subašić

Producer: Sajra Subašić

Cinematographer: Jakob Krese

Editor: Sajra Subašić

Sound Design: Muhamed Bajramović

Music: Sajra Subašić

Film Synopsis:

Seeking an answer to the question of whether home is a place or a feeling, the filmmaker goes on the search for her parents' house in Bosanski Novi, a place she never lived. During her quest she collects a whole stack of material, creating a visual memento of a forgotten town--a place people left in the 90s due to war and which is still continuing to be abandoned out now, years after the war ended, due to economic and political negligence.

Director's Biography

Sajra Subašić (1994) currently lives in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, where she studies film editing in her last semester. Early on she developed curiosity for experimental and documentary film and was eager to explore various disciplines and learn how they all can contribute to storytelling and her understanding of film as an artform. During her student days she made various shorts, including the short experimental film 'Ascending' and the short documentary 'To be Far', which was also screened at BHFF in 2017 and won the award for Best documentary. She also worked as an editor on different short fiction and documentary films, including the short documentary 'Omarska' about the same-named concentration camp in northwest of Bosnia-Herzegovina, which was screened and awarded at Berlinale 2018 and various other festivals. Besides at school, she gained her education at different film and documentary workshops at various film festivals throughout Europe. Considers her latest film, 'Stack of material', to be the tip of the iceberg of a coming-of-age exploration.

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Screening Time:

Wednesday October 28, 2020 


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