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Available April 20, - May 31,  2021

Year: 2016
Length: 58 minutes
Film Category: Narrative Feature

Cast & Credits

Director: Goran Kapetanović

Screenwriter: China Åhlander, Dragan Mitić, Goran Kapetanović

Producer: China Åhlander​

Editor: Andreas Nilsson

Production Design: Lene Willumsen

Music: Peter von Poehl

Cast: Milan Dragisic, Julia Ragnarsson, Sadzida Setic, Irena Mulamuhic, Izudin Bajrovic

Film Synopsis:

Zlatan, 50, has not been in Bosnia since he left the country as a war refugee, more than twenty-five years ago. His only contact with Bosnia consists in sending money to a woman who takes care of his old aunt.

Zlatan’s daughter Anja, 18, who lives with her mother, wants to know more about her Bosnian roots, but every single time she meets Zlatan, he is not eager to tell her anything about Sarajevo or his life there.

Anja decides to travel to Sarajevo to explore her roots. Zlatan tries to stop her, but surprisingly he finds himself in a taxi together with Anja, going towards the city of Sarajevo from the airport towards an emotional journey in search of their respective identity and their common history.

Director's Biography

Goran Kapetanovic was born in 1974 in Sarajevo. Since 1992, he lives in Sweden. Goran graduated from Dramatiska Institutet – University College of Film, Radio, Television and Theatre with a Major in Film Directing. After his graduation, he directed a TV film for Swedish television, and several commercials in Scandinavia.

He was teacher mentor for filmmakers from Rwanda Cinema in Kigali, Rwanda 2005-2007. His earlier short films "Echo and A family" , have been awarded with 18 international prizes, including: Best Nordic Examination, Nordisk Filmfestival, Denmark, 2005; Best Foreign Drama, International Student Film Festival, Hollywood, USA, 2005; First Prize On the Road - 13th Intl. Art Film Festival, Bratislava, Slovakia, 2005; First Prize Film School, Rubber Giraffe - festival Court 18, Paris, France, 2005; Silver Award – 4th Intl. Student Film, Beijing, China, 2006; Best Director – 10th Ourense Intl. Independent Film Festival, Ourense, Spain, 2006; Airone d’Oro – 56th Intl. Short Film Festival, Montecatini, Italy, 2005; Jameson Short Film Award – Stockholm, Sweden, 2004.


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