Original Title: Ptice kao mi
Year: 2017
Length: 84 minutes
Language: English
Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Turkey, UK, USA, Qatar
Film Category: Animated Feature

Cast & Credits

Director: Faruk Šabanović, Amela Ćuhara

Producer: Adnan Ćuhara, Amela Ćuhara, Abigail Disney, Sherine Helmy, Olivia Hetreed, Cat Villiers

Production Company: Prime time Production, Turkish Radio & Television (TRT), Autonomous, Fork Films

Cast: Alicia Vikander, Jeremy Irons, Jim Broadbent, Sheridan Smith, Kevin Bishop, Christopher Villiers, Khalid Abdalla, Ella Smith, Michele Austin, Jay Villiers, Dan Stevens, Catriona Paterson, Oliver Villiers, Noah Hartstone-Kolovich, Janine Wetherall, Antonia Roupell, Eli Hartstone-Kolovich, Harriet Barrow, Mark Spencer, Lola Hartstone-Kolovich

Music: Timothy Bruzon, Peter Gabriel

Film Synopsis:

Based on the 11th century Persian literary masterpiece The Conference of the Birds, a group of birds are unceremoniously evicted from their home tree of Birdabad after two birds, Hupu and her husband Hasan, try to disrupt Birdabad’s unique and unsettling social contract. The motley group--wracked by tensions between the carnivorous birds and the fruit-eaters--collectively befriends a mysterious bat with a bargain, and together they venture across the world in search of a new home. The birds’ mismatched personalities frequently complicate the situation in a fantastic manner, with the journey ultimately serving as a testament to cooperation, acceptance, and overcoming differences to achieve a common goal--and living together in a common home. The latest feature animation to hit BHFF, Birds Like Us is an international production of BiH, Turkey, the UK, and the U.S., and features an all-star cast including the voices of Academy Award winners Alicia Vikander and Jeremy Irons, and a soundtrack by Peter Gabriel.

Director's Biography

Faruk Šabanović has directed numerous advertising campaigns, short films, music videos and animation projects, and has won several awards for his accomplishments, including a Special Mention for the development of Birds Like Us from the Zagreb Animafest in 2007.

Amela Ćuhara is an award-winning director, screenwriter, and author. She has worked on several films, including The Seeker (2008), The Lady of the Lake (2009), The Love Path (2013), Behar (2014). Amela was a participant of Sarajevo Talent Campus, at the 2008 Sarajevo Film Festival. She is currently working on Tindili, a children's animated show, and Initiation, an animated short film.

Children Under 14 Free. 


 SVA Theatre

 Presentation 5 


Screening Time:

Saturday, April 14, 2018 

3:30 PM 

Screens with:

"Hedgehog's Home"


Birds Like Us
Birds Like Us

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Birds Like Us
Birds Like Us

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Birds Like Us
Birds Like Us

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Birds Like Us
Birds Like Us

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BHFF Jury Award for the Best Feature Film

BHFF Audience Award for the Best Picture