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Year: 2020

Length: 93 minutes
Film Category: Feature Narrative

Cast & Credits

Director: Pjer Zalica

Screenwriter: Pjer Zalica

Director of Photography: Almir Djikoli

Main Editor: Redzinald Simek

Producer: Amra Baksic Camo, Rusmir Efendic, Armin Hadzic, Ensar Halilovic, Ida Makarevic, Jovan Marjanovic, Mirsad Purivatra

Co-producer: Aida Huseinović (Forum), Enes Erbay (Teferruat Film), Faruk Güven (TRT), Sedin Kahriman (BH Telecom), Muamer Hadžović (BH Telecom), Izeta Građević (Creative Director of Sarajevo City of Film), Ensar Halilović (Executive Producer), Rusmir Efendić (Executive Producer), Armin Hadžić (Associate Producer)

Music: Dino Sukalo

Sound Design: Muhamed Bajramovic, Igor Camo, Predrag Doder, Predrag Dzorda

Film cast: 

Mira Banjac, Jasna Zalica, Alma Prica, Admir Glamocak, Dzenita Imamovic, Emir Hadzihafizbegovic, Jadranka Djokic, Vedrana Bozinovic, Branimir Popovic, Izudin Bajrovic, Dino Sarija

Film Synopsis:

April 1992. Members of a large family strewn around the former Yugoslavia gather around the death bed of their elderly matriarch. She is not well, but the forecast of a family doctor that her death is a matter of minutes away proves incorrect, so the waiting stretches out for days. Relatives start bickering, playing tricks and arguing over the inheritance to be left by the old woman, especially over her large family house in Sarajevo. Despite her deteriorating health, Grandma happily joins the fray. It appears as if that might be what is keeping her alive. Family feuds and intrigues directed against one of the sisters are more important to the family than the clear, terrifying signs of an approaching cataclysm. When the scheming is finally revealed, it is too late. A war has begun in Sarajevo.

Director's Biography

Pjer Žalica was born in 1964 in Sarajevo. In 1995, he graduated in directing from the Academy of Performing Arts in Sarajevo, where he currently works as a professor of directing. During the war in Sarajevo, he was an active member of the Sarajevo Group of Artists (SaGA) and has made numerous documentaries about the Yugoslav Wars and the Siege of Sarajevo. MGM SARAJEVO won an award in the Directors’ Fortnight of the Festival de Cannes in 1994; both it and his short film THE END OF UNPLEASANT TIMES were selected for numerous film festivals around the world, including those in Cannes, Montreal, London, Rome, Rotterdam, Gothenburg and Sarajevo. Žalica has won numerous film awards, including the 1994 European Film Award for Best Documentary Film. His 2003 debut feature-length work, FUSE, won the Silver Leopard at the Locarno Festival, the Best Regional Film Award at the Sarajevo Film Festival, the Special Jury Prize of the Zagreb Film Festival and many others. His debut feature was released in cinemas around Bosnia and Herzegovina, drawing more than 300,000 viewers.

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 SVA Theatre 

 Presentation 4 


Screening Time:

Friday, April 22, 2022 

8:30 PM 

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