Available April 20,  - May 31, 2021

Original Title: Kineski zid
Year: 2017
Length: 36 minutes
Language: Bosnian
Country: Bosnia & Herzegovina, Germany
Film Category: Short Fiction

Cast & Credits

Director: Aleksandra Odić

Producer: Aleksandra Odić, Nataša Janković, Gregor Sauter

Director of Photography: Katharina Diessner

Editor: Branka Pavlovic

Music: Micha Kaplan

Sound: Jonathan Rietzel

Costume Design: Katharina Jockwer

Production Company: dffb

Cast: Elena Matić, Tina Keserović, Faketa Salihbegović-Avdagić, Mugdim Avdagić, Vanesa Glodjo, Anja Stanić

Film Synopsis:

The legacy of the conflicts of the 1990s lurks in the background of a family gathering in the Bosnian countryside, as experienced by a young girl named Maja. Events are upended by the arrival of Maja’s aunt Lilja, an impassioned young woman with artistic ambitions. The family wants Lilja to work in a shoe factory, but she dreams of exploring the world. Thoughts of China and its Great Wall symbolize the allure of distant lands, sparking fantasies and dreams of escapism for both Maja and Lilja. Maja’s sense of childhood wonder is threatened when she is forced to make an adult decision after learning that Lilja secretly plans to join the family’s neighbor, who has been ostracized for leaving Bosnia for Germany. Brooding and thoughtful, Great Wall of China examines the boundaries between childhood and adulthood, familial ties, and the lingering memory of the Bosnian war. The film makes sparing and economic use of music to maximize its emotional impact, while evocative cinematography engages the viewer leading up to an emotional conclusion.

Director's Biography

Aleksandra Odić was born in Bosnia-Herzegovina and immigrated to Germany as a child in 1992 amid the Bosnian War. An an accomplished actress, she has appeared in several television programs, including the crime series Soko: 5113, Soko: Kitzbühel, and Soko: Leipzig, as well as Vienna Crime Squad and Nachschicht, along with the short films Moonlight (2008) and Tango (2011). Aleksandra studied directing at the German Film and Television Academy in 2010 and received a fellowship two years later from the Department of Film and Media Art at the Academy of Arts in Berlin. Great Wall of China marks her directorial debut.

Great Wall of China
Great Wall of China

Great Wall of China
Great Wall of China

Great Wall of China
Great Wall of China

Great Wall of China
Great Wall of China