Original Title: Dvije škole
Year: 2017
Length: 43 minutes
Language: Bosnian, Croatian
Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Film Category: Documentary

Cast & Credits

Director: Srdjan Šarenac

Screenplay: Srdjan Šarenac

Producer: Srdjan Šarenac, Lejla Dedić

Director of Photography: Amel Djikoli

Editor: Sead Arnautović

Music: Jody Jenkins

Sound: Nedim Babović

Production Company: Novi Film

Film Synopsis:

After the end of the war in Bosnia, the well-regarded Travnik Gymnasium was divided into two parts, marking a physical and abstract barrier between its two sides. One part is for Croatians, and the other for mixed Bosnian students. Throughout the year, there is little contact between the two sides, despite their shared physical space. The principal of the Croatian side has the idea to organize a football tournament, thus enabling students to meet, interact, and, possibly, to truly get to know one another. Some find this unity natural and welcome, while others are not so sure. Telling the story of this conflict, Two Schools focuses on two football team captains at the center of the drama.

Director's Biography

Srđan Šarenac is an award winning producer, director, and screenwriter.  His 2010 documentary Village Without Women, about life in a small town in the mountains of Serbia, was screened at more than 80 film festivals. In 2005, Srđan directed Selma, a documentary short film about the woman who inspired the popular Bosnian ballad of the same name.



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 AFA Theater

 Presentation 1 


Screening Time:

Wednesday, April 11, 2018 

6:15 PM 

Screens with: "Winter Sun"

Followed by a Panel Discussion


BHFF Jury Award for the Best Documentary

BHFF Audience Award for the Best Picture

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