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A total of 19 films screened Wednesday through Saturday, May 25 through May 28, 2016 at two Manhattan venues SVA Theatre and Anthology Film Archives. 

The program consisted of four blockbuster features, nine documentaries and six short films, including an animated film including works by eight women directors.

We kicked things off with BH Film Forum program on Wednesday, May 25 at Anthology Film Archives, the place which hosted our second and third annual BHFF editions back in 2005 and 2006. The evening included the screenings of five films as part of our non-competition program, as well as a special panel presentationfeaturing Bosnian-Herzegovinian and international film professionals and cinema experts. The panel included Elma Tataragić, Ines Tanović, scholar of cinema and cultural studies Dijana Jelača and filmmaker and multimedia artist Amir Husak.

Then, from Thursday, May 26 through Saturday, May 28, the action moved to SVA Theatre for a jam-packed, three-day marathon of screenings featuring the 2016 BHFF competition selections and Q&A with the director of Our Everyday Life, Ines Tanović, film’s producer Alem Babić and actor Uliks Fehmiu. Discussion was led by Dijana Jelača. 

In 2016, the BHFF is very proud and honored to have developed a much stronger relationship with the Association of Filmmakers in Bosnia-Herzegovina/Udruženje Filmskih Radnika Bosne i Hercegovine (UFRBiH). This year’s festival was supported by both UFRBiH and Foundation of Cinematography Sarajevo. UFRBiH was also the co-curator of the ‘BH Film Forum’ panel. 

This year’s festival screened the largest number of films in its 13-year history. The year 2016 was also significant as it marked the first time ever the festival expanded from three to four days. 

The festival also received close to 60 submissions this year, the highest number ever.