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Since 2006, BHFF™ has awarded 43 Golden Apples to some of the most outstanding films of the Bosnian film industry or dealing with Bosnia and Herzegovina in their themes. The winning films have been selected from more than 200 films screened at BHFF™ over the course of more than 15 years. They have also passed a difficult and rigorous selection process which to date includes a pool of some 550 film titles entered for BHFF™ screening consideration.


Considering the long journey that these films have traveled to be finally considered for the award, the Golden Apple, while symbolic in its nature, is a true honor and the solid recognition of filmmakers' work, efforts, and dedication. BHFF™ awards four Golden Apples at each annual festival.


The Golden Apple is given to the most outstanding films screened at the BHFF™ in two categories of awards, the BHFF™ Audience Award and BHFF™ Jury Awards. 


BHFF™ Audience Awards were first introduced at BHFF in 2006. For 6 years, BHFF™ nominated films for the BHFF™ Audience Awards in Documentary, Short or Feature Film categories. In 2012, BHFF™ unified these awards into a single award given to a film voted by audience members as the most outstanding in all categories

BHFF™ Audience Award for Best Picture 


Since 2012, BHFF™ awards BHFF™ Jury Awards to the most outstanding films screened at the BHFF™ and selected by jury members as most outstanding in its categories. Members of the BHFF™ Jury are accomplished and recognized members from Bosnian and American cultural, film and art community who have significantly contributed to the Bosnian-Herzegovinian film industry and culture in general. 

BHFF™ jury awards following honors to the most outstanding films:

BHFF™ Jury Award for Best Documentary Film
BHFF™ Jury Award for Best Short or Animated Narrative Film
BHFF™ Jury Award for Best Feature Narrative Film

BHFF™ Jury Award for Best Acting Performance

BHFF™ Jury Special Mention

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