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Since its founding, the BHFF has been supported solely by the tireless efforts of its volunteers.  BHFF is led by its Directors with a support of film enthusiast based in New York City.


Damir Pozderac

Festival Director, Co-Founder

Damir was part of the BHFF founding team in 2003 and has since worked on nearly all aspects of the festival. He brings great technical, strategic and creative guidance to the festival. As a Festival Director he develops BHFF through programming, strategic collaborations and partnerships with various organizations, filmmakers, and film industry leaders.


Dijana Jelača

Programming Co-Director 

Dijana was one of the BHFF jury members in 2015, and has since joined the BHFF as a festival programmer. With her significant expertise in Bosnian-Herzegovinian cinema, she brings invaluable contributions to the festival, specifically to the film selection and festival programming effort.  Dijana is a film scholar, and her most recent, co-authored book is Film Feminisms: A Global Introduction (2019). She teaches in the Film Department at Brooklyn College.


Amir Husak

Technical Director and Programming  Co-Director

Amir rejoined the BHFF in 2016 as a festival programmer.  He has been involved with BHFF since 2007 on various tasks as a jury member, film panelist and a curator. Amir is a filmmaker and multimedia artist based in Brooklyn, NY.  He teaches in the film department at New School in New York City.


Anne Eberhardt

Director of Finances

Anne joined the BHFF team in 2017 as a part of the Budget and Financial Management team.


Ivona Boroje


Ivona joined BHFF in 2017 and is contributing in grant writing efforts.  She is also in charge of filmmaker and special guest services and coordination.


Emir Bander

Special Events Management

Emir joined BHFF team in 2015 as the event coordinator and venue personnel. Since than he has taken a role of coordinating special events and art exchange projects associated with BHFF.


Sabina Cerić

Public Relations, Event Management 

Sabina joined BHFF in 2018 and is contributing in public relations and event management efforts for the festival.

Nedimov Headshot_edited.jpg

Nedim Begovac

Event Management 

Nedim joined the BHFF team in 2016 as support for the Special Events Team as well as to assist with website management.


Verushka (Vera) GaNun

Special Event Management

Verushka is a brand protection professional and a film aficionado; she joined in 2018 as a Special Events Management assistant.


Ezana Ćeman

Public Relations Chair

Ezana has been involved with BHFF since 2016 and is currently managing Public Relations. For collaboration requests, email for more information.


Sanida Luković

Public Relations, Event Management

Sanida joined BHFF in 2012 as a public relations coordinator and spokesperson. Sanida manages news and social media outreach and mailing list campaigns. She also contributes to festival programming and grant fundraising, and makes significant contributions in many strategic development decisions of the film festival.

bio sunglasses pic B&w.png

Ishara Jack

Programming team

Ishara joined the BHFF programming team in 2018. She has also volunteered at DOC NYC, the Tribeca Film Festival, and the New York Film Festival in support roles for multiple departments.


Aida Lihić

Web Content Manager, Graphic Designer

Aida joined the BHFF team in 2018 as a part of the Marketing team, working as a Web Content Manager. During the special film festival that we held in 2020 she was in charge for all graphic design not only on web but also on social media channels and Eventive page. From 2021 she is our in-house graphic designer.


Orfeas Skutelis

Eventive Manager

Orfeas joined the BHFF team in 2020 and currently working as an Eventive Manager for the festival.


BHFF has been fortunate to attract the interest of volunteering collaborators, experts in audio-visual documentation, whose work and contributions have been paramount to the success of the festival and in particular to bring the essence of this project closer to the public. BHFF Team would like to extend special thanks and salutes to: 

Mario Marquez – Freelance Photographer

Ivo Bach - Videographer
Ricardo Sousa – Audiographer, RTV Portugal

BHFF Past Organizers

We also extend special thanks to all film festival organizers, co-founders, and volunteers that have participated in BHFF in the past. Their past and ongoing contributions to the BHFF will always be remembered and appreciated, and we hope to see them become part of the BHFF team again in the future:

Alma Subašić, Almir Lucević (co-founder), Amelisa Djulovic, Amra Djumisić, Amra Turalić, Anela Pašović, Bojan Simić, Demira Pašalić - Medunjanin, Denis Bešić, Dino Bešlić, Edita Zulić, Elyse Weingarten, Enes Dedović, Farrah Musakadić, Iskra Sagi, Ilhan Ramić (co-founder), Jelena Subotić, Leila Rachidi (co-founder), Milan Džaja, Mirza Medunjanin, Muamer Mrkanović, Nakeishia Crawford-Simić, Nebojša Šerić-Shoba, Saška Trivudža, Oleh Dubno, Selma Avdičević (co-founder), Shannon O'Toole, Zlatko Filipović, and many others.

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