Another BHFF year is on its way and the 15th Annual BHFF is planned to take place in late April 2018. We have our first official general meeting in September 2017 and we would like to extend an invitation to all to (re)join the team.


Being a not-for-profit organization at the core, we are proud that even after 15 years we are still able to be an all-volunteer run organization and as such BHFF is both a service to a community as well as an exciting professional challenge.  Beside contributions to an important and creative cause the BHFF is also intended to benefit your personal and professional growth.  BHFF provides you with a platform to learn more about filmmaking, cinema and BH culture while giving you an opportunity to test creative ideas in event planning, fundraising, promotion, design, technology and public relations.  We are open and welcome to everyone regardless of your background, gender, nationality or any other identity. Furthermore if you are from BiH the work on BHFF is a unique opportunity to reconnect with your heritage and to compliment and strengthen your BH identity while helping your compatriots in BiH.   


How do we work

While run by senior executive staff BHFF team is also divided up into smaller practice area teams who plan, prepare and perform numerous tasks over the course of 8-9 months ahead of the final film festival event in April.  We primarily communicate via email but we meet once a month at the location in Manhattan in person or via conference call for a general coordination meeting to align various teams and tasks.  

Over 14 years BHFF has established relevant, important, credible and beneficial partnerships and networks with various film production companies, organizations, film distributors and associations.  We also have an extensive support network from our donors and media partners as well as individual support from independent filmmakers.  As part of BHFF you are not alone and you are not expected to organize the film festival from scratch. You will be able to use above resources as well as our extensive 14 years of experience, records and procedures to help you in the process.  However, as always we also welcome new and fresh ideas and new energy that you can bring to the team.


Areas where you can help

We are currently seeking to strengthen and augment following areas of our team:

Public Relations Coordinator – liaison for various media partners and outlets in US and BiH, prepares press releases, conducts interviews.  Required bi-lingual with strong oral and writing skills in both Bosnian and English language.

Social Media Coordinator – maintains Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media accounts

- Website Content Coordinator – manages website and online media content. Updates website and organizes assets (web-based content management system).

- Strategic Partnership Coordinator – liaison for US and BiH based organizations, film production companies, distribution companies and other relevant partners to promote the strategic mission of the festival.  Preferably bi-lingual but not required.

- Graphic Designers – prepares and coordinates print media content.  Coordinates with graphic design collaborators in BiH.  Preferable bi-lingual but not required

- AV Documentarian – specialist in AV recording, media processing and organization.


Also if you have any other skills that you think would be useful for BHFF please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Contact us

As we are planning our activities for next 8 months we would like to hear from you about your availability, if any, in organizing the BHFF 2018. By availability we mean actively being involved with communication with the team and taking on and completing tasks in timely manner.  We need to know where we stand with our team resources for next 1-3 and 1-8 months. If you can contribute only occasionally we would like to know that too. If you cannot anticipate your availability that far ahead but would like to stay in touch please let us know also.  Please feel free to forward this information to anyone you think would be interested to get involved.

Thank you for your consideration as we are looking forward to another successful festival year.




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