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Original Title: Slike iz života udarnika (1972)

Year: 1972

Length: 78 min

Country: Yugoslavia
Film Category: Feature Narrative

Cast & Credits

Director: Bahrudin Bato Čengić

Screenplay: Bahrudin Bato Čengić, Branko Vučićević

Director of Photography: Karpo Aćimović Godina

Editor: Marijana Fuks, Olga Skrigin

Production: Studio Film Sarajevo

Cast: Adem Čejvan, Stojan 'Stole' Aranđelović, Zaim Muzaferija, Ilija Bašić, Mida Stevanović, Štefka Drolčeva, Helena Buljan, Dragomir Bojanić Gidra

Film Synopsis:

Bahrudin Bato Čengić’s legendary film is a story about the life and times of shock force worker Alija Sirotanovic and his comrades that commemorates the coal miners’ dignity and sacrifice. The story begins in 1947 and follows the life of these workers from the moment they join the shock force movement until their retirement. The idea of the film is contained in the following opening statement: “People of a country that is still recovering from the devastation of war are trying to lay the foundation for socialist revival by investing extreme personal effort and sacrifice, determined to go beyond their own limits.” The shock force labor movement was part of those efforts. This film is dedicated to shock force worker, coal miner Alija Sirotanovic and his known and unknown comrades. The film is a collaboration between several notable names of New Yugoslav Film: the screenplay was co-written by Bato Čengić and Branko Vučićević, and the director of photography was Karpo Aćimović Godina.

Director's Biography

Bahrudin Bato Čengić was a Bosnian director and one of the representatives of the Yugoslav Black Wave. He completed his studies in performing arts at the Faculty of Philosophy in Sarajevo, after which he trained in London and shot a series of short films. His works are characterized by a recognizable ironic style and social criticism, and during his career he made three full-length feature films: Little Soldiers (1967), The Role of My Family in the World Revolution (1971) and Pictures from the Life of a Striker (1972).

 SVA Theatre 

Presentation 4 


Screening Time:

Friday, April 26, 2024

8:15 PM

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