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 SVA Theatre 

Presentation 3 


Screening Time:

Friday, April 26, 2024

6:00 PM

Original Title: Ocean Without a Floor

Year: 2023

Length: 10 min
Film Category: Short Narrative

Cast & Credits

Director, Writer & Editor: Amna Hadžić
Producer: Vid Milaković
Executive Producer: Amna Hadžić
Supervising Producer: Ana Milaković
Directors of Photography: Cameron Livesey, Kyle Adams
Starring: Grace Kiley, Harriet Veltkamp, Joanna Jagodzińska, Vid Milaković
Sound Design: Shyalina Ruzzini Muthumudalige, Ibad Hasan, Amna Hadžić
Sound Mix: Shyalina Ruzzini Muthumudalige

Film Synopsis:

Albertine, a retired novelist with dementia, reconnects with her younger self by remembering the memories of both happiness and loss. Her granddaughter reads from
Albertine’s old journal with the hope of helping Albertine retrieve a lost memory of an
important person from her past, evoking the person her grandmother used to be. As
memories continue to resurface, Albertine tries to make sense of the past she relives.
Faced with a choice between accepting or suppressing part of her past, the decision
she ultimately makes will change the way she sees herself.

Director's Biography

Amna Hadžić is a Bosnian-born filmmaker. Upon completing the International Baccalaureate Diploma program in Slovenia, Amna graduated from New York University with a B.A. in Film and New Media program. As part of NYU’s prestigious global program, she studied in Abu Dhabi, Buenos Aires, and at NYU Tisch in New York City. Her artistic interests lie in topics about memories, identity, non-linear forms of storytelling, interpersonal relationships, and arts in post-conflict societies. At the age of fourteen, she started acting in the local theatre group. At eighteen, her passion for theatre and music led her to write an adaptation and direct her first play titled “Pokojnik” as part of the Drugi na Drugi theatre group in Slovenia. Her first short film “Emptied” won the Teen Action award for Best Short Film at the 2018 Sarajevo Film Festival. The film deals with
the topic of identity crisis and alienation in the world of technology. In the same year, Amna was a juror at the 2018 Ajyal Film Festival in Qatar organized by the Doha Film Institute. In 2020, Amna received the Summer Film Grant issued by New York University Abu Dhabi’s film department to create a documentary film titled “Vital Signs”.
In the summer of 2020, Amna worked as a content manager at ShotDeck from Los Angeles, the largest visual database of still images, under the mentorship and supervision of Oscar-nominated cinematographer and founder of ShotDeck, Lawrence Sher. In 2021, Amna published a story about Sarajevan taxi drivers titled “Just Call 011” in the local Mahala Magazin. Her graduation thesis film “Ocean Without a Floor”, a story about the complexities of personal memories and how they constitute who we are, was filmed in New York City and Abu Dhabi. Amna filmed “Ocean Without a Floor” entirely independently as a student in New York City with her longtime close collaborator and
producer, Vid Milaković. Starring in the main role is Grace Kiley, an American actress and NYU Tisch Professor. Amna produced two films in Abu Dhabi: “Through Thin Ice” directed by Auguste Nomeikaite and “But I Love You” directed by Vid Milaković.


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