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Call for Entry Closes: February 15, 2020

Films Eligible for Consideration by BHFF

1. Films directed or co-directed by a Bosnian-Herzegovinian film director either residing or stemming from Bosnia and Herzegovina, or

2. Films produced or co-produced (as either a majority or minority co-production) by a Bosnian-Herzegovinian film production company based in Bosnia and Herzegovina, or

3. Films by any filmmakers, directors or production companies that have Bosnia and Herzegovina as the film's subject or that relate closely to Bosnian-Herzegovinian socio-economic, cultural and historical issues, and

4. Films complying with at least one point above and produced in 2018, 2019 or 2020

Films NOT Eligible for Consideration by BHFF

1. Films that don’t comply with any of the above categories

2. Films produced for non-theatrical presentation such as TV films, series, or online videos.

3. Films that are publically available for viewing on online video hosting sites (such as YouTube, Vimeo or similar) without password or private link protection.

4. Films that have completed a theatrical and film festival circuit presentation and are available on TV or for purchase online in the U.S.

5. Films produced in 2017 or older


Submitting your film

You will need to submit the film for consideration as a video file uploaded to a file sharing site of your choice, or as a link to an online video streaming site (Vimeo, YouTube or similar). If you are submitting an online streaming video, the link MUST BE PASSWORD PROTECTED and the stream must include the entire film. As noted previously we do not accept entries that are viewable in public domain. In few cases we do accept “works in progress” for consideration purposes only and only if the final version of the film will be available in agreed upon deadline.


If you prefer to mail your entry you can still do so by sending your acceptable film formats to the address provided on the BHFF Entry Form, however we only accept a paperless online Entry Form so you will still need to complete it following the link below. Note that your film submission to the BHFF is for consideration purposes only and does not guarantee your admission to BHFF final screening program. Please see the BHFF Entry Form for additional information and rules about film submissions and formats. Please contact for further questions or information.





Copyrights clarified

All video material, either mailed or digitally transferred, is retained by the BHFF for consideration for showcasing at the BHFF. Prior to the announcement of the BHFF Final Film Selection your video material may be digitally shared among BHFF Staff, BHFF Programming Team and the BHFF Jury to evaluate your work. Respecting your copyrights on the submitted video material, the BHFF shall not allow further digital multiplication or distribution of your submitted video material to parties not employed by the BHFF.