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 SVA Theatre 

Presentation 1 


Screening Time:

Wednesday, April 24, 2024

7:30 PM


Original Title: Bosanski lonac

Year: 2023
Length: 103 min
Country:  Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia
Film Category: Feature Narrative

Cast & Credits

Director: Pavo Marinković

Producer: Stanislav Babić

Co-producer: Peter Roehsler, Slaven Knezović

Cinematography: Peter Roehsler

2nd Camera: Ana Vrdoljak

Production: Designer Burghard Stulecker

Editor: Dubravko Slunjski

Composer: Ted Regklis

Sound Design: Natalija Strahinić, Ognjen Popić

Production company: TELEFILMNanookfilm

Cast: Senad Bašić, Andreas Kiendl, Birgit Stöger, Bruna Bebić, Admir Glamočak, Zlatko Burić, Julia Franz Richter, Igor Kovač.

Film Synopsis:

Faruk Šego, a Bosnian writer living in Austria, is suddenly left without a residence permit due to stricter emigration rules and his own negligence. In order to not be deported, Faruk must prove to the authorities, that he's made a cultural contribution to Austrian society. His last chance is an off-theatre group that can stage a play he once wrote as a young man. The ensuing adventure brought on by Faruk's reluctant return to the theatre could transform his life and force him to realize what is truly important.

Director's Biography

Pavo Marinković was born in Zagreb, Croatia in 1967. He graduated from Scriptwriting at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb. His first dramatic works appear in the early nineties. His plays, performed in Croatia and abroad, received numerous awards. From the world of theater Marinković moved to television and in the years 1996-2005 worked for the Drama Department of the Croatian TV, supervising scriptwriting on some twenty long and medium-length features, and several miniseries.

In 2006, together with Dražen Žarković, Pavo co-directed the film Trešeta / Tressette – a Story of an Island. Marinković was also the author of the script. A charming movie with excellent music about life on a small Dalmatian island, and a very small community there which lives an obscure and boring life in the off-season. When one member of the community dies, it sparks a desperate search for a replacement player for the card game Treseta. The film had its international Premiere at the 55th International Film Festival Mannheim-Heidelberg where the film was awarded the Ecumenical Film Prize. Treseta also won the Grand Prix and Best Camera Award at the Bucharest IFF, the Silver Prize at the Bergamo Film Meeting, and the Music Feel Award at the Napoli Film Festival. The film was presented at more than thirty film festivals all around the world, including Cairo, Copenhagen, Haifa, Göteborg, Kerala, and many others. The US Premiere took place at Cinequest in San Jose. At Houston, another US festival, Treseta won the Platinum Remy Award.

In 2009, Marinković wrote and directed the film Ljubavni život domobrana / Love Life of a Gentle Coward. Marinković skillfully avoided traditional genre clichés and delivered a pleasant romantic comedy from contemporary Zagreb looking for an answer to the question of whether love which can make you happy, can also really change you. The film premiered at the Pula Film Festival where it won three Golden Arenas (Best Actress, Best Editing, Best Production Design). It was presented at numerous festivals including Kerala, Cinequest, Chicago, Febiofest Prague, Innsbruck, Hamburg, Viareggio, Montevideo, etc. Love Life of a Gentle Coward also won the Special Jury Prize at Worldfest Houston.

In 2013, Marinković completed a feature-length Czech-Croatian documentary Occupation, the 27th Picture. The film's numerous festival presentations include Karlovy Vary IFF, Sarajevo IFF (Gala Screening – Opening of the Documentary Program), Kyiv IFF (Special Event), Jihlava Documentary Film Festival (Special Event), ZagrebDox and many others.

Currently, Pavo Marinković is in pre-production with his next fiction feature, Bosnian Pot.


2006 - Trešeta (Tressette – a Story of an Island), feature, together with Dražen Žarković

2009 - Ljubavni život domobrana (Love Life of a Gentle Coward), feature

2013 - Okupacija, 27.slika/Okupace, 27.obraz (Occupation, the 27th Picture), a feature-length documentary

2016 - Ministarstvo ljubavi/ Ministerstvo lásky (Ministry of Love), feature

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