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Original Title: Searching for Justice

Year: 2023

Length: 24 min

Country: Netherlands, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy, Germany
Film Category: Short Documentary

Cast & Credits

Director: Ado Hasanović

Screenwriter: Nadia Sonneveld, Chiara Cruciatti, Ado Hasanović
Cinematographer: Ado Hasanović
Director of Photography: Leonardo Kurtz
Editor: Ado Hasanović
Music: Boris Riccardo D’Agostino
Sound: Matteo Lugara
Production: by Admon Film (Bosnia Herzegovina), in collaboration with LeidenUniversity
and Sarajevo University
Co-production: Hubris Pictures (Italy) and NSP (Germany)
Producer: Nadia Sonneveld, Ado Hasanović
Co-producer: Enes Palislamovic - Heinze, Leonardo Kurtz, Dario Laudi
Alma Mustafić, Irma Hasanović, Mumin Mehić, Celia Garcia Romero, Emina Mostić, Mathes Rausch, Faris Marukić, Sharon Niesen, Xinyi Zhang, Amber Benhammou, Sven Stevanović, Melanie Ondunk, Ewout van Waasbergen

Film Synopsis:

Law students of Leiden and Sarajevo universities try to understand the role of justice before and after having interviewed some survivors of the Srebrenica genocide. Was justice served then? And did the international community do enough in the process of raising awareness around this tragedy?

Director's Biography

Born 1986 in Srebrenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina (former ex-Yugoslavia) Ado is a Bosnian director based in Rome. He participated at the Sarajevo Film Festival Talent Campus in 2008 and, from 2008 to 2011, has been the Artistic Director of the Srebrenica Short Film Festival Srebrena Track. He graduated from the Sarajevo Film Academy as a director in 2013 and later enrolled in the prestigious National Film School Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Rome, where hespecialised as a director. Since 2015, he has been the Artistic Director of the Mediterranean Short Film Festival Passaggi d'Autore in Sant'Antioco, Italy. As a guest student at the Academy of Performing Arts in Sarajevo, he earned a Master's degreein Dramaturgy. He has won numerous international awards for his short films "The Angel of Srebrenica," "Blue Viking in Sarajevo," "Mum," "Breath of life Srebrenica," "Pink Elephant," "Nomophobia," and "Let there be color." He is also the creator of Cortovisioni - How To Make A Short Film, a workshop format in which he teaches how to make a short film from idea to post-production. Ado recently completed his debut feature documentary “My Father's Diaries”, produced by Palomar (Italy) in collaboration with Mediawan (France). He is currently developing his first feature film, “Ja Sam Ana”.

 SVA Theatre 

Presentation 5 


Screening Time:

Saturday, April 27, 2024

2:00 PM

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