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 SVA Theatre 

Presentation 2 


Screening Time:

Thursday, April 25, 2024

7:00 PM


Original Title: Putnici

Year: 2023

Length: 23 min
Country:  Bosnia and Herzegovina
Film Category: Short Documentary

Cast & Credits

Director: Mirza Ajnadžić

Music: Balkaneros & Travelers

Film Synopsis:

The film documents a transformative journey, during the realization of the project "Music in My Suitcase". The lens captures not just musical notes but also shared stories. The focus is on the musicians and the dedicated team of the Kuma International organization as they conduct workshops, erasing borders with people on the move who happened to be in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


This documentary is more than a musical chronicle; it stands as a testament to leading by example. It is a visual poem, resonating with warmth and creativity, illustrating how acceptance of others not only enriches our lives but adds intrinsic value to our shared existence. This is a passionate advocacy for the integration of diverse cultures, urging society to recognize the potential that people on the move bring to our collective tapestry.


The film invites viewers to think about their own journeys, illustrating that each of us is a traveler in some way.

Director's Biography

Mirza Ajnadžić embarked on a career in journalism, discovering a passion for film research and documentary production shortly thereafter. Progressing further into the realm of video production, drawing on a foundation as a radio journalist and researcher, Mirza engaged with diverse video production projects. Over a span of three years, he served as a journalist, videographer, screenwriter, and video editor for the television program "Hayd u Park". Additionally, as a researcher, editor, and co-author, Mirza contributed to the creation of five TV documentaries. Notably, he played a key research role in the acclaimed film "Episode in the Life of an Iron Picker" by Danis Tanović.
Earning recognition for journalistic excellence, he received an award from New York's Ground Reporting Network for the best world report on minorities. In the realm of video production, Mirza contributed to the success of the one-minute film "The Intent" receiving the UNICA award for reconciliation as the editor within the collaborative team. Operating as a Freelancer, he collaborated with a diverse range of clients, producing video content for esteemed organizations such as the British Council in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Turkey, the American Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina, UNICEF in BiH, Internews, and Mozaik Foundation, among others.

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