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Available April 20- 24, 2022

Year: 2020

Length: 19 minutes
Film Category: Short Narrative

Cast & Credits

Director: Ismar Vejzovic, Bafl Sarhang
Screenplay: Ismar Vejzovic, 
Bafl Sarhang

Director of Photography: Alen Alilovic
Producer: Adi Begovic, Azur Begovic, Ishak Jalimam, Elmedina Tiric

Music: Auke de Vringer

Sound Design: Muhamed Bajramovic, Nirvan Imamovic

Film cast: 

Mugdim Avdagic, Tarik Dzinic, Mario Knezovic,     Amir Lihic, Zana Marjanovic, Faketa Salihbegovic, Alban Ukaj

Film Synopsis:

Radio Freedom is a story of a ham radio operator trapped alone in a besieged city.He finds refuge in an improvised radio station where he reports war and helps his fellow citizens connect with their loved ones outside the city.One morning the decides to visit a war profiteer who can help him escape the war zone. The quest leads him through the devastated streets where he unexpectedly receives help from a boy with a bicycle, who helps him cross a street safely where a sniper is active. Once at the premises that serve as a cover for smuggling, he is confronted with a fact that not everyone is against the war but for some it is a lucrative business. Realising that, he returns to the radio station and continues his work. Upon his arrival, he notices a line of people inside his radio room, impatiently waiting for his arrival. He immediately starts working the radio frequencies and for a moment it seams as if he cannot make a connection. But soon enough people start taking turns for their long awaited calls. With every call made, the atmosphere in the room becomes more and more relaxed and people even start to enjoy themselves; for a moment forgetting about the war outside and their daily hardships. Until a woman, silently standing in the back of the room, steps forward and ask to make a quick call out of turn. Her request is quickly granted and she starts a conversation with her sister. The woman informs her sister that her child has been killed by sniper. Hearing this chilling conversation, he realises he knows her and her child too. This gives him the final push and the same night he reports his last war news, bids farewell to his radio family and leaves the besieged city via a frontline smuggling route in search of his own family.

Director's Biography

Ismar Vejzović was born in 1979 in Doboj (BiH). Since 1994 he has been living and working in the Netherlands, where he has graduated film directing. He works as a film and television writer, producer and director, he is the author of a large number of TV programs, commercials and videos. He is also the author of four short films that were screened at numerous film festivals. He is currently preparing his first feature film LOVE, WAR AND EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN.

2020- RADIO FREEDOM (short (screenplay, director)
2019 - SNIPER ALLEY, short (screenplay, director, producer)

2018 - AMEEN - Short film - (producer, director, screenwriter)

2015 - DREAMING AWAY, short (screenplay, director, producer)

Bafl Sarhang is born in 1979 in Erbil, Iraq. He studied multimedia and filmmaking. Bafl is the founder of production company YadMedia and has worked on a large number of film and TV productions. He is the author of 3 films, a Better World, Ameen and Radio Freedom.



 SVA Theatre 

 Presentation 6 


Screening Time:

Saturday, April 23, 2022 

4:45 PM 

Screens with:

"Sea by the River and

River by the Sea" and

"Whats This Country Called Now?"

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